Welcome to SmartSHARK, the Smart Software History Analysis and Retrieval of Knowledge platform

Broad Configuration Possibilities

There are a lot of configuration possbilities, so that you can design SmartSHARK the way you want it to be. First, we have the standard configuration (database connection, etc.). But for each project you add, there are configuration files, where you can specify what data should be accessable later on in the database.

Configure Database Connection

Add new Projects

You can easily add new projects to your project library. After adding a project, the projects will be pulled via git and transformed in a way, that you can access them easily via a mongo database. Therefore, you can easily gather data to perform your analysis!

Add new Projects

Submit Spark Jobs

You can easily submit spark jobs via our spark submit interface. Write your program locally in java, test it locally without effort, build it with you favorite build tool and then upload it via the web interface. You can choose if the program should run on a cluster or just locally. Its your choice!

Submit new Spark Jobs